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Great products and tested materials for professionals


FIXALINE.COM is an international wholesale business specialized in relinining related products, tools and methods. Fixaline is owned by a Finnish company Sukitustukku Oy. Sukitustukku Oy (Liner Wholesale) is specialized in producing, selling and developing relining tools, materials and advanced methods for relining professionals. The company was established in spring 2015, when our CEO and owner Juho Lokkinen noticed that there was a clear need for company that can provide the lining companies wide-range of tools under the same roof with knowleagble service. Mr. Lokkinen holds an Master's degree in  Mechanical Engineering (Machine design) and he has previously worked in the university as a mechanical engineering teacher, thereafter as a machine designer and production manager in the field of relining and thereafter owned an own relining company working himself as a relining contractor. We have a thorough understand of the relining field and of the factors that are necessary for a high-quality relining work. By combining our knowledge from the contractor field, science of mechanical engineering and many years of customer experience around the world, we create high-quality products as forerunners of the relining business.

Our product comprehensive product portfolio covers for example liners and resins, electrical impregnation tables, pipe inspection cameras, flexible shafts and outer casings, seamless silicone branch pipers and tools, connection liners, grinding (sandpaper) tools for branch opening and lot of other daily tools for contractors.

We are continuously developing new tools and working methods to help contractors work more efficiently with lower costs. Please visit our website regularly to find latest tools and machines and contact us with any questions.