Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Pipe Rehabilitation Industry Worldwide


When it comes to success and efficiency in pipe rehabilitation projects, Fixaline stands as Your trusted partner. We provide All Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining machines, tools and materials needed for succesful drain rehabilitation. Only the Best products in the industry make it into our product selection due to our high quality standards. For over a decade, we have been developing innovative and highly efficient solutions for the trenchless industry. Perhaps, the most well-known Fixaline products are FIXERs, E-ROLLERs and FIXALINE TOOLS. From one country to another, our machines and equipment have won the hearts of pipe lining contractors, thanks to their efficiency, usability and reliability.


Fixer Series: The Ultimate pipe cleaning machines


Fixaline's FIXER high speed machines boast unrivaled power for pipe cleaning, blockage removal, cutting and grinding. These machines are designed to deliver optimal performance!

Fixer high speed drain cleaning machine series comprises several different units to meet all the challenges at pipe lining sites: FIXER D, 8, 10, Combi and 12 get the job done even when the going gets though. First FIXER pipe cleaning machine entered the market over a decade ago and from thereon our FIXERs have been relining professionals' top choice worldwide.

Designed to withstand the toughest most demanding scenarios, these machines are dominating the high speed machine market with power. They all come with industry leading power with up to 2250 Rpm tool speed and 1,5 kW motors. State of the art reliability, ease of use, as well as, easy maneuverability all rolled into one great product line, proven by hundreds of contractors across the globe.

Choose the tools of Your preference from our extensive range of products to be added to the Fixers and achieve unparalleled efficiency at relining work site. Rest assured, our FIXERs will get the job done!


E-Roller Wet Out Machine Series


Ensure precise and consistent resin impregnation to liners with Fixaline's industry leading wet-out machines. E-Rollers feature impressive power, durability and exceptional strength. We introduced the first wetting out E-Roller machines to the market a decade ago, and they became an instant hit among pipe lining contractors everywhere. We have actively continued the development of our wet-out machine series, and we know that our rollers are unparalleled.

FIXALINE wetting out E-Rollers are powerful pipe lining workhorses, they are available in 2 sizes: E-ROLLER 450 and E-ROLLER 600. Variable speed, wet-out direction switch, easily adjustable roller gap and pressure control, a counter display, and two motor-powered rollers with purpose-designed grip coating facilitate easy and high-quality relining work.

Use as stand alone roller, insert to a work bench, or add to the E-Roller table modules to build a complete tailor-made wet-out station. E-Rollers have quick fix-release system that makes transitions easy and fast.

FIXALINE E-Roller wet-out table system is modular and can be composed to fit all kinds of needs. They are easy to move around, they can be rapidly assembled and what's most important, despite their light-weight, they stand firmly in place providing all the support needed for heavy liner wetting out. FIXALINE's E-Roller system simply makes impregnating liners convenient and efficient!


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